Audio Engineering & Storytelling


Rae is an audio engineer and storyteller living and working in Oakland.

Rae is an audio engineer and storyteller, currently in New York.*


Hi! I’m Rae!

I work as an audio engineer, sound designer, and storyteller. I can most often be found at This American Life, contributing to scoring and mixing. A favorite segment I’ve worked on is So Over The Moon. From January 2017 - April 2019 I was regularly at Reveal, From the Center for Investigative Reporting with their audio team. I’ve also done audio work for Marvel, Slate, Pop-Up Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Intuit, a handful of short films and documentaries, and an array of other folks. Before all this, I was a co-director at KGPC 96.9 FM.

My work tends to be somewhat broad, but it all relates to story and sound. Some of the best 10 days of my life involved being on bike tour along Highway 1 with the Biketopia Music Collective, doing live music mixing on an off the grid, bike powered sound system. I've reported for various news outlets (Marfa Public Radio is one of my favorites), and I’m no stranger to the world of sound for film (here’s my reel – but please ask me for private links to my better, more recent, not-yet-public work!). I’ve been an audio stagehand at Bass Concert Hall, one of the largest theaters in Texas, and was once the sole audio engineer at Padre’s Marfa music venue (which no longer exists). Before jumping entirely into audio and radio I was assistant editing on the feature documentary Canine Soldiers. I speak and write fluent, non-native Spanish.

In my spare time, I create audio documentaries for my podcast, People and Sounds. Although I haven't had a lot of spare time lately, so most of that is many years old and not reflective of my current skills. I write about things that I figure out on my Medium page. I have a B.S. in Radio/Television/Film and a minor in Spanish from UT Austin, where I focused on production recording, sound design for film, and documentary editing. 

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*Although my heart is in Oakland, Austin, and Guanajuato.